Ava Davis Kaylee Lang-Meet My Homecumming Date

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Jay invites Ava Davis, his recent girlfriend and homecoming date, to his house so she may meet his stepmother, Kaylee Lang. Ava is thrilled to see Ava, but when she realizes how close Kaylee and Jay are, her excitement quickly turns to confusion. Ava and Jay enjoy themselves in Jay’s bedroom, believing they are alone. With nothing more in mind than for Jay to bust a massive load for her to enjoy, Ava eagerly swallows his cock. But Kaylee keeps coming in and disturbing them during the blowjob. Ava finds Kaylee’s introduction into the group too much and departs. Kaylee kills her stepson right then and there because she doesn’t want Jay to get blue balls. She has unmatched dick-sucking talents, just like a true mature babe. She easily slides her stepson’s cock down her throat, sucking the tip of his dick to check for sensitivity and making the sensation of his bust even more satisfying. Nevertheless, Kaylee hopes Ava understands that she’s welcome in their home and that she’ll treat Ava with the same consideration as she does Jay. The milf starts her plan, and Ava strokes the gorgeous chick’s body as she tries on her homecoming dress. As soon as one thing leads to another, Kaylee had Ava on her back with her dress undone to reveal her pussy. Kaylee devours Ava’s pussy in a way that only a seasoned lady can. As he watches in amazement, Jay realizes he must go to whatever lengths to fuck these two women. When Kaylee wants to get in on a quickie between Jay and Ava, Jay gets his opportunity. As soon as they both agree, Kaylee and Ava begin sucking Jay’s cock jointly. None of them will ever forget the wild and forbidden trio that they form. Taking turns, Ava and Kaylee let Jay to bounce on his dick and push his cock as far as it will go inside their pussies. Ava and Kaylee are on their knees waiting for Jay to unleash his cum all over them when he can no longer support his load.